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Meet Wade

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Wade Menendez, known around the world as, “Wade the Barber,” is a master barber who has been in the barber field for over 13 years. With an impressive celebrity clientele, Wade is notoriously known for his impressive cuts that exemplify his distinct attention to detail to help his clients achieve their desired look. Wade received his license in 2004 from Avara’s Academy of Hair Design in Baltimore, MD. What started off as a hobby for him at age 12 grew to be his career that has landed him the opportunity to travel all over the world doing what he loves.

In March of 2011, Wade opened his first barbershop, “The W Hair Loft,” located in downtown Glen Burnie, MD. Through much hard work, dedication, and support from his clients, he was able to open a second location in the Washington, DC (Hyattsville) area in the summer of 2004. Both shops are successfully operating with a team of barbers who work closely together to bring the best male grooming services to those in DC, MD, and the surrounding areas.



Success is a term that most people want, but the question is, are you willing to do the work? Author Wade Menendez has written a success manual for risk-taskers to prove that it is possible to have fortune and faith at the same time. From the barber chair in Maryland to a worldwide entrepreneur on TV, Menendez has figured out how to win in life without losing your identity or compromising your values. The principles outlined in this book are for everyone to learn from, and will help you to build a business, sustain your success, and manage your relationships. Whether you are a professional barber, a business owner, an executive on Wall Street, a stay-at-home parent, or a high school student, The Success Factor was written with you in mind.